Book Accountability

How many times have you started writing your book only to stop? 

Maybe you couldn’t break through your writer’s block. 

Or maybe you were overwhelmed with the writing or publishing of it.

Or maybe you weren’t sufficiently motivated to complete it.

Whatever the reason, I have some ideas to help you get back on the book wagon.

1. Find your reason for writing and keep it in the front of your mind. 

Ask yourself what YOU want out of the book, but also what you want your READERS to get from it. 

I like to put this on Post-It by my computer so I see it everyday.

 2. Find someone to keep you accountable.

It is amazing how a little accountability can keep you on track.

Who this is will depend on what you need. 

Maybe it’s a book coach if you need help writing your book or a group writing group/program if you like group feedback/accountability. 

Does your friend also want to write a book? You can encourage and help each other to keep going. 

Another option is to find an accountability coach. Their only objective is to help you achieve your goals.


With Book Accountability Coaching, I help you determine your goals and break them down into manageable pieces. I then keep you on track. As a bonus, you get office hours with me once a week to ask for feedback, share your struggles, and ask any editing/publishing questions.

So, what is keeping you from writing or finishing your book?

What one step can you take today to overcome it?

So, what is keeping you from writing or finishing your book?