Book Editing

Let’s get another set of eyes on your book!

Line editing & Copyediting

Congratulations! You finished your book, and now you are in search of an editor who can take it over the finish line to publication standards. 

 There are multiple stages of editing a book must go through prior to publication: 

 Developmental Editing,

 Line Editing,

 Copy Editing, and



You can learn more about the different editing stages in my blog post here!


Hodgepodge Solutions focuses on a combination of line editing and copy editing. My goal is to ensure your book is consistent and flows well without leaving behind any loose ends. I will also point out any grammar errors I find along the way. 

Get your first 1,000 words edited for FREE!

Books come to me in multiple stages of “completion.” One thousand words from your manuscript can tell me a lot about the style of writing and the level of editing that will be needed.


After we’ve edited the first 1,000 words I will have a good idea on the amount of time it will take me to complete the project. My pricing is based on word count, and I will deliver a fixed price in the quote I provide you.