Content Editing

Let’s get another set of eyes on your content!

You’re DONE!

You have all your content written—all your blog posts, social media posts, emails, website copy, and sales page copy. 

It has taken you hours and days and weeks and you are DONE—you are tired of looking at it. Yet you seem to keep finding errors or wondering if a certain sentence makes sense. 

Part of you just wants to publish it and not worry about a few typos or inconsistencies. But the other part of you cares. So you run it through a program (or two) to check for grammar and spelling mistakes. And it helps, but it isn’t quite cutting it. 

You wonder about some suggestions it made, but you don’t have the time or energy to look them up. And, more importantly, it doesn’t tell you if your content flows well or if the message is clear to your audience. 

Let’s be honest—your time is better spent doing whatever your zone of genius is. And whatever it is, it is most likely NOT editing. And you would much rather be in your zone of genius or spending time with your family than looking over your content one last time before publishing. 

I’m here to do that for you. This is what I do. I’m the last set of eyes before you hit publish.

Instead of spending time looking over your website/email sequence/blog post for the third time, knowing you’ll miss things, you can focus on your zone of genius. Meanwhile, I’ll be looking at it for the first time and be easily able to see the errors and inconsistencies.

No longer will your audience pause while reading your sales page and wonder what something means, wonder if something is or isn’t included, or get tripped up by typos. On the contrary, they’ll be reading your easy-to-understand and professional-looking sales page and wondering where to sign up.

I am a copyediting expert who helps entrepreneurs present a clear and consistent content, giving them more time, money, and confidence in their business, allowing them to clearly market to their target audience—resulting in more clients and sales.


If you are a native English speaker who has no problem getting the message across but is plagued by typos and inconsistent punctuation, a proofreading package is what you need. I’ll make sure your content is free from typos while adhering to the style guide we will make together to keep your brand content consistent so your content can clearly attract more clients.

*Custom packages available.


If English is not your first language, you are dyslexic, or you simply think faster than your fingers can type, a copyediting package is what you need. Along with a style guide and everything I check while proofreading, with copyediting, I’ll make sure your content flows well and can be easily understood by your audience. You will have clear and consistent messaging that more easily speaks to your audience, establishing you as a trustworthy expert.

*Custom packages available.

If you want don’t want to edit your content, I’m your editor. I have so much fun making sure everything flows well and is consistent. If this isn’t fun for you, let me have all the fun while you do your genius thing. You get more time and clean content that helps you more easily market to your clients.  

Let’s chat soon!

I provide a free sample edit of 500 words to get the transformation started.


How many words I need?

To give you an idea, a blog post can be anywhere from 500–2,000 words, a Facebook post ranges from 20–100 words, and an email can be 200–300 words. If you have your content in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, there is an easy way to check the number of words. 

How many words I have used?

I will keep track of the number of words used and let you know when you are getting close to your limit. And if you need more than is in your package one month, you can purchase more at a set rate.

 What do I get when I sign up to work with you?

We will start off with a 30-minute kick-off call where we will discuss what you can expect while working with me, turnaround times, and anything you feel I should know about your brand and content. 

I will then spend time creating a style guide for your business. I will use this to record all of your preferences in regards to the spelling of words, punctuation, formatting, and more. This is a living and breathing document that you can pass along to team members and copywriters to use to ensure brand consistency.

Once the style guide is created, I can start copyediting or proofreading your content. 

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