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Book Brainstorm-$50

If you are at a point in your book writing process where you need a jolt and a fresh set of eyes, how about a Book Brainstorm?!
If you are writing and wondering what to do once you are done, confused about how to publish your book, or not even sure of the steps you need to take, then this is for you.
You’ll get access to me for 12 hours via  Telegram so you can ask all your questions and gain some direction and actionable next steps.

Author’s Audit-$100

Are you a cash-strapped author who can’t afford a full copy edit but still want their book to be consistent?

Are are you revising your manuscript and have questions about punctuation and need general feedback?

With the Author’s Audit, your manuscript is run through some editing tools where I will check the following (not an exhaustive list): quotation marks, em dashes, ellipses, spaces between sentences, how numbers are written, oxford commas, capitalization, typos, and more. I will not be reading your manuscript except for short sections to fix problems I find with my tools. In addition to marking up what I find, I’ll supply you with a list of your most common errors and an editing checklist.

Book Accountability-$150

How many of you started writing your book only to stop?

Maybe you couldn’t break through your writer’s block.

Were you were overwhelmed with the writing or publishing of it?

Or maybe you weren’t sufficiently motivated to complete it.

What ever the reason, I’m here to help you get back or stay on the book wagon. After all, it’s amazing how a little accountability can keep you on track.

With Book Accountability, I help you determine your book goals, break them down into manageable pieces, and then keep you on track. As a bonus, you get office hours with me once a week to ask for feedback, share your struggles, or ask any editing/publishing questions.