Are you an author?

Do you need help keeping track of everything going on in your book? 


Style guides are designed to do just that. They can

  • keep track of your characters physical features, personality, and history.
  • keep track of the storyline.
  • document descriptions of important locations that you can easily refer back to.
  • keep track of the spelling of any unique words you use. 

Beyond this, they can all keep track of any editorial decisions that you make, such as the use of an Oxford comma, or if you spell out numbers or use the numeral form (ten vs 10).

This is a tool that will be used by you, your editor, and your proofreader. You will want to refer to it when: 1) writing future books or anything else in a series, 2) reviewing the document yourself, or 3) hiring an editor or proofreader. The style sheet will let them know how to handle editorial decisions so they don’t have to query you, which saves you both time.