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My Mission

As your publishing partner, I keep you on track to finish your book and ensure your language and grammar are consistent throughout your manuscript. Your voice is powerful and should not be hoodgepodged by frustration and perfectionism. I work with you to turn your manuscript into one you can proud of.

Why you need Help Publishing

Investing in help for publishing can make all the difference between a best seller and a single-star rating on Amazon. You put all this effort into writing a book to share your message and your story, and to grow your business. But self-editing, Grammarly, and holding yourself accountable can only take you so far – editing tools weren’t designed to hear your voice or follow style guides, and keeping yourself on track rarely works. The next step is to find someone you trust to help you through the rest of the process/journey.

The Editing Journey

After we chat for a while and you complete a questionnaire, if we decide to move forward, you send your manuscript to me. I will then edit your first 1000 words for free!


Because this shows me the level of editing and assistance you need to move forward, and it also gives you a sense of my editing and coaching style. 

From there I provide you with feedback and a customized proposal. 

When editing your content, I won’t make any immediate changes to the original manuscript. But rather, I provide you with an electronic copy with suggestions of all the possible changes that should be made. 

You then can read through the suggested changes and agree to accept or reject every change. 

Once you do (next step), your book is ready to move to the final proofreading stage before publication. 

Why should you have your book proofread once more prior to publication?

Because suggested changes may lead to new errors. For instance, in one part of the book you may write that a character’s eyes are green, but then later they are suddenly blue! These changes can lead to new errors. Also, editors are human, too, and a second or third set of eyes may be the difference between a book with three minor errors and one with ten major errors. 



I serve . . .







Book Line Editing

Line editing is an intensive process that looks at the language, structure, flow of ideas, transition elements, tone, and style of your book. It is often the first round of manuscript editing and is geared towards ensuring that your book consistently displays your voice throughout. 

View my service page for more details.

Book Copy Editing

While line editing goes line by line, copy editing goes word by word. This editing style is focused on grammar usage, and consistency issues. I search for technical issues and major loose ends within your manuscript that could risk confusing the reader. Typographical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes are often caught as well in this editing style. 

View my service page for more details.


Make sure your writing is polished before publishing. 

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