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The first impression you make on people is with your writing. Making sure it is well-composed and grammatically correct instills a sense of authority, intelligence, and attention to detail that lays a foundation for trust. Let me be the second set of eyes on your writing to help you build that trust.

Why you need me

  • You need someone to be the second set of eyes on your content.
  • You want your writing to be free from spelling errors, typos, and missed words.
  • You want it to flow well so you can get your point across to the audience.
  • It is important that you don’t miss any important points.
  • You want your work to look professional.

And don’t worry, I keep your “voice” intact. While following the guidelines on spelling, punctuation, and grammar are important, it is also important to take into account the writer’s voice and preferences. You have the final say.




Books, ebooks, novels, short stories


Websites, proposals, processes, website content, presentations



Anything you are writing!


Resumes, cover letters, personal statements

Researchers & Scientists

Journal articles, research papers


Websites, blog posts, emails, course content, social media posts


Make sure your writing is polished before hitting publish. 

Average words on a page

Average pages proofread per hour

Average pages copyedited per hour

Average cups of tea per project




Hi! My name is Audrey, and I’m a proofreader, copy editor, and researcher. With an eye for detail and a love of reading, errors jump off the page at me. I have over twelve years of experience proofreading and copyediting science and technical documents for non-native English speakers. I can edit websites, blog posts, emails, course content, social media posts, books, dissertations, and more!  Everyone needs someone to be the second set of eyes 👀 on their content.

If making sure your work looks professional and polished is important to you, I’d love to chat.


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