You’ve finally got your website done. Congratulations! Now, you’re wondering how it looks. Does it make sense and give off the kind of vibe you are going for? Does it speak to your clients and give them all the information they need to work with you? Does it look polished and professional? 

You’re on your own for making sure the vibe is right and that it speaks to your clients. What I can help you with is making sure it looks polished and professional, at least word-wise. 

 Below are ten mistakes I often see on websites that are easy to fix and can make your website appear legit.

1. Be consistent in your punctuation

If you capitalize the first letter of every word in a heading, then do it for every heading. Or if you do sentence-style capitalization, then do that. But be consistent. Same with the Oxford comma. Use it or don’t, but don’t go back and forth. It can throw the reader off and makes it look like you can’t make up your mind.

2. Hyphens are not em dashes

I know everyone loves em dashes—I do too! But it seems that everyone uses a hyphen instead, which is incorrect. I understand doing it when you are on your phone—I don’t know how to do it on a phone—but when at a computer, you have no excuses. 

On a PC or laptop, type Alt + 0151. On a Mac, I think you can type Alt + Shift + Minus, but I don’t have a Mac, so I can’t test it.  

I’m not going into the details here of how to properly use an em dash, en dash, and hyphen. If you’d like to read more about how to use them, check out this guest post I wrote. 

3. Know the difference between its and it’s

This is a common mistake everyone makes (even me when I’m typing quickly!). “Its” is the possessive form of “it,” and “it’s” is the contraction of “it is.”  This also goes for to/two/too and their/there/they’re. Proper use of the word shows that you know what you are talking about and makes you look more professional.

4. Don’t use apostrophes to make something plural

If you use an apostrophe, nine times out of ten, you are making something possessive or showing an omission of a letter or number. So please, don’t add an apostrophe to make something it plural. You can see some examples here.

5. Make sure links redirect to the correct place

You want to make sure you are directing your clients to the right place. When they click on the “Schedule a Chat” button, it should take them to where they can book a call with you, not to your About Me page—or worse—nowhere.

6. Make sure email sign up works

You want to make sure your email sign up works. If a potential client wants to sign up for your email list, that is great! You get more chances to build a relationship with them, which may lead to future sales. But if nothing happens when they try, you are losing that connection.  Try signing up with an alternate email if you have one, or have a friend sign up to make sure it works.

 If you have some sort of freebie for signing up, also make sure that works.

7. Make it easy for visitors to connects

When you visit a website, the last thing you want to do is hunt around for how to connect with the owner. Make it easy. If you mention “Contact us” or “Schedule a call” in your text somewhere, make it a link. Don’t make your visitor go searching for the link or they may go searching for someone else.

If you have some sort of freebie for signing up, also make sure that works.

8. Keep font simple and legible

Please remember that not everyone who visits your website will have perfect eyesight. Keep script fonts to a minimum if they are hard to read. Use contrasting colors. Make sure font is large enough to read; I’ve heard it recommended to use at least 18-point font. 

And be consistent in your font usage. Pick two and stick with them; please don’t use 10 different ones. You want your website to have a cohesive look.

9. Check your spacing

Check the spacing between sections of your website. No one wants to scroll forever to get to the next section.

10. Check the formatting of blocks and images

Check the formatting of blocks and images to make sure they line up correctly, the text isn’t cut off, banners are visual, etc. It is a little thing, but it makes the site look so much nicer.

I hope you found these tips helpful. If checking for all of these seems like too much for you or you’d just like someone else to do it, I’d love to help. Drop me a line and let’s get your website polished up!

10 Things to Check on Your Website

Use this checklist to help your website look polished and professional.