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Have you ever heard of symbiosis? It is when two organisms work together in a mutually beneficial relationship. Copywriters and editors are a great example of this. Put the two of them together, and they can produce written content that anyone would want to read. Symbiosis generally indicates that two organisms live or exist in close proximity to one another, but thanks to social media and the internet strangers can meet and become life-long friends and coworkers despite being thousands of miles apart. 

What does a copywriter do?

A copywriter is someone who creates written words for the online space, generally with the purpose of advertising and marketing a particular person, company, product, or service. They have a way of putting together words that build confidence, persuade, and educate the masses. Copywriters spend a good deal of time researching their material, ensuring the proper use of keywords and phrases. Copywriters not only have to make sure the write up they are doing is easy and enjoyable to read, but also ensure the algorithms of the internet are able to locate their written words and showcase it to the correct audience. That is a big job for one single person. Especially when you consider how often those algorithms are changing. 

What does an editor do?

There are a number of different types of editors, but essentially an editor is responsible for ensuring proper use of grammar, punctuation, citation, and format. They also double-check for typos and proper word use. They are the best friend of any writer, even a writer who abides by the calling of grammar nazi can utilize an editor from time to time. An editor is the second set of eyes everyone needs in their writing. 

The symbiotic relationship of a copywriter and editor

Copywriters spend hours on a single piece ensuring it is readable by both the algorithms and the intended audience. Spending an additional hour to double-check the punctuation and grammar would likely not produce the best results if they were to do it themselves. How many times have you written something up and reviewed it multiple times before posting it, only to realize a week later when you are re-reading it that you missed a very obvious typo—right there in the very first sentence of all places? We have all done this at least once. 

This is where the eyes of the editor come in; they are able to look over everything without needing to consider the keywords, the algorithms, or the audience. The editor is simply there to ensure it is all grammatically correct and typo-free, so the copywriter does not end up with Grammar Nazis or trolls making comments and taking away from the overall purpose of the copy. We have all seen those posts, where the comments are riddled with “their,” “there,” and “they’re” or “where,” “ware,” “were,” and “we’re.”  This adds nothing to the conversation. Furthermore, comments like that may even cause others to not take the post seriously, as they end up focusing on inconsequential typos and grammar issues rather than reading the entirety of the article and gaining the value it can truly provide. 

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